All are cassettes unless otherwise stated. Click titles for further info.

Menial Disorders. Deleted Records. 1980.

Blatantly Nihilist. Fashionable Trousers. 1980.

IV: Natural Advantages. Private. 1980.

Der Blaunk Teps. Private. 1980.

Totentanz. Label unknown. 1980.

U.S.E. (Unusual Social Embraces.) Private. 1981.

British Interiors. Private. 1982.

Live At The Basement. Aeon. 1982.

A split cassette with Methods Of Execution entitled Moving Rhythmically With Rotary Motion was advertised as forthcoming in Communique (1980) but there is no evidence that this was released.


Deleted Funtime. Deleted Records. 1980.

LPG No. 2. LPG. 1980.

Assemblee Generale 1. Ptose Production. 1980.

Fire On Boat. Terse Tapes. 1980.

Snatch 3. Snatch Tapes. 1981.

Assemblee Generale 2. Ptose Production. 1981.

Assemblee Generale 3. Ptose Production. 1982.

Boule. Ptose Production. 1982.

Four Images. Image 341. Date unknown.

As The English Assassins:

’I Passed By The Brook’ on 391 & Co. No Easy Way Out. Deleted Records. 1980.

Several tracks on New Roads, New Ruts. Arts Council Grant Recordings. 1983.

As Verdenskang:

And It’s There. ADN. 1985.

Contribution to The Impossible Humane LP. Selektion. 1987.

Post-1980s releases:

Live At The Basement LP. Tub Of Guts. 2007.

It’s All History Now 4LP. VOD. 2014.

Live At The Basement CD. VLZ PRODUKT. 2020.

Menial Disorders CD. Klanggalerie. 2021.


Snatch Paste LP. VOD. 2006.

Close To The Noise Floor 4CD. Cherry Red. 2016.

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